About us

It is finally here, the automotive publication you have been waiting for. Classic & Kustom BOMBS Magazine, targets the fastest growing motorsport sweeping the entire world, BOMBS. It seems like everyone is building a classic car these days, and for good reason, they are a great investment!

Not only in the USA, but in several countries, car enthusiasts are buying vintage cars. Japan, Australia, Sweden, England, France, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, and many more countries, people are building their dream car.

Our staff of experts bring you a magazine devoted to Classic and Kustom Bombs – original, restored, lowrider classics, and Kustom cars.

Featured cars are 1954 and older. If you like classics of the 50s, traditional bombs from the 40s, or vintage cars from the 30s, Classic & Kustom BOMBS Magazine, has what you are looking for.